Your compassion gives others the power to serve where it’s needed most

Help us build a better world.

Doing the work of love and justice requires (wo)manpower, funds, resources, time and much prayer. With the support of generous hearts like yours, we have the capacity to transform the lives of women around the world. 

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Your gift makes a kingdom difference.

Missions is in our DNA. And we don’t just “send” missionaries. We fund, we build, and we provide materials needed — both nationally, internationally, and in Indiana — to spread the gospel.

International & Domestic Missions

CWC loves the most vulnerable in devastating circumstances. Your giving puts food on the table, provides housing for the homeless, and helps women earn a fair living wage in developing countries. 

Emergency, Hunger & Disaster Relief 

Thousands of vulnerable children get left behind in the unjust foster care system. Bring hope to these children as we dispute harmful policies and connect them with loving, supportive families.

Foster Care, Adoption, & Independent Living

We won’t stand for this injustice. But it’s happening right now across the globe and even in our own neighborhoods. Help us support projects that fight this injustice and free women from captivity.

Anti-Human Trafficking


Every dollar makes a Kingdom difference.

Resources to Teach & Equip Women


Our resources range from helping women lead devotionals all the way to training women in anti-trafficking work. With your support, we can create even more trusted teaching to equip the next generation.

Spiritual Development & Leadership Training

Every year we host events that bring women from around the world to help them connect with each other, learn about their identity in Christ, and live out their calling. These events also help fund our missions.

women's conferences
& events

For women who feel called into ministry, we raise funds to help them pursue college and graduate programs that will help them thrive in their calling. 


Suicide is the third leading cause of death for children ages 10-14 and the second leading cause of death for teens 15-24. CWC creates resources to help your community better understand the issue and do something about it.

suicide prevention

Linen Chest supplies career missionaries with the household or kitchen necessities they need as they serve and upon returning from the field. 

the linen chest

The CBO is a united effort to create devotionals and collect a seasonal offering during Advent to celebrate the coming of Jesus and the good news of his birth. 

Christ’s Birthday Observance


Causes that Further Our Mission

Even after 90 years, with a current membership of over 3500 women in over 25 countries in the world, the work we’ve been called to is nowhere near finished. We will not stop until every woman is set free by the good news of the gospel. And we’re just getting started. 

Rooted in a Legacy of Impact







Thank you so much for being such a blessing...

Paul & Kattia Jones — Missionaries of the Church of God, Bolivia our daughter as she transitioned from Bolivia to the University of Texas. And thank you for your faithful partnership with us in ministry”

We are so grateful!

-S.A.V.E. Freemont, CA

We love being together with our sisters from so many different places and sharing our stories together!

Thank you so much for your vision to empower women in ministry. 

Larry & LeAnn Sellers — Cote D’lvoire, Africa

We are so grateful for your heart to help missionaries and thank you for your support of us!”

These are a few of the million of women whose lives have been touched.