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Help Build Sewing
Schools in Africa


*Christian Women Connection is 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Gifts to CWC are made through Paypal via Credit Card and are fully tax deductible. 

Be a part of something bigger.

In honor of 90 years of ministry and missions, please help us raise $90K to build sewing schools for women in the Congo and Uganda!

If you can't go, give.

Sewing  Hope Together

Building Plaque

Sewing Machine Plaque

Building Brick

$5000 Gift

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Every dollar makes a Kingdom difference for women locally and in countries worldwide. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

For a $20 individual gift, receive a special commemorative 90th Anniversary tee!

All proceeds go towards the sewing centers in Uganda & The Congo

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Donate Here



GOAL: 90k

Our goal is to build 9 sewing schools to create hope and to offer a trade and resources for women to serve their families and lift their communities out of devastating poverty.






The funds raised have been used to initiate four sewing centers, two of which are currently under construction. One center is in Kwar Kwar village in North Eastern Uganda, and another is being established in Kikondo village in the Eastern region.

Our hearts are so full and we are excited to announce that the first sewing center in Kwar Kwar (NE UGANDA) is officially up and running.

The second center is at roofing stage and many are thrilled to begin learning this new craft of sewing. We are truly thankful for all who have been supporting our 90th anniversary initiative


Sewing Love Togetehr

Fundraisers are a great way to gather donations. The women below came together with great ideas to help give towards the sewing centers. 

Sewing Power Together

The challenge was that we give our offering in 9s....9 quarters, 9 dollars, 90 dollars,etc....As one of our ladies said "our thermometer exploded!" Within a few Sundays we had $2,070 and we were ready to close the campaign thrilled with this amount but the Church surprised us and said they would match our total...we were elated.

Amount raised: $4,140.00 

The CWC Women's Ministry at First Church of God of Hollywood hosted a fundraising Luncheon to raise monies for the Sewing Schools in Uganda and the Congo. We welcomed our beautiful sisters from 7 area congregations: Community Church of God - Fort Lauderdale,First Church of God - Fort Lauderdale, Genesis Christian Church - Margate, New Destiny - Fort Lauderdale, Northside Church of God - Miami, Saving Grace Church of God - Lauderdale Lakes, and Kendall Church of God - Miami. We celebrated and worshipped with joyful hearts as we raised over $2600.00!

Amount raised: $2,600

Thank You

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